Past Events

JD Edwards Lunch & Learn

 Are you an IT Executive responsible for directing a JD Edwards application software environment, establishing budgets, and setting priorities?

Spectrum Resources hosted an informative briefing for Kansas City JD Edwards Users. John Schiff, Vice President and General Manager of JD Edwards World for Oracle, spoke about the future of World and EnterpriseOne. View this PDF to learn more about the JD Edwards Lunch & Learn.

For questions regarding our  JD Edwards Consultation & Implementation Services, please contact us at

Securing Your Business with a Strategic Business Continuity Plan

Are you responsible for managing and maintaining a company-wide business continuity plan?

Spectrum Resources hosted a Breakfast Meeting for Strategic Management featuring presentations by our Certified Business Continuity Specialists. The event was well attended by Kansas City area businesses who received a free, informative briefing on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning. 

Do you know the answers to these questions?
• Does my business require a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan?
• What are the Regulatory and Compliance issues?
• What is a Business Continuity Audit? Who in my business should be involved?
• What system options are available to implement an IT High Availability Plan?
• Are there other areas of my business to include in a Business Continuity Plan?
• Can I do a portion of a Disaster Recovery Plan without doing it all?

To learn more about Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning, contact us at

View this PDF to learn more about our informative briefing: "Securing Your Business with a Strategic Business Continuity Plan".


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