Business Continuity Planning

The increasing dependency on 24 X 7 operations with near-zero downtime requires a carefully architected IT Business Continuity Plan. Spectrum’s Business Continuity Services provide planning and consulting for Enterprise Level back-up of critical information, including real-time data replication, disaster recovery, and high systems availability.

IT Server Analysis and Planning

Preventing server sprawl is a never-ending challenge for most companies. Spectrum provides an in-depth variety of services designed to minimize server inventory by carefully analyzing server utilization and performance. Based on our analysis, Spectrum provides recommendations which typically lead to server and storage consolidation of up to 40%.

IT Security Analysis and Planning

Spectrum offers multiple levels of Information Security Services including restricted access, encryption services, data protection, and contingency planning. A comprehensive IT Security Plan is one of the most commonly requested CIO requirements. It can be a challenging project and usually requires a formal analysis and implementation plan.

IT Assessment and Audit

From a CIO’s perspective, an IT Assessment and Audit engagement can produce significant improvements in IT effectiveness. Services are designed to highlight the steps that can be taken to improve utilization of facilities, hardware and software systems, applications, development and operational staffing, support and management planning processes.

IT Education and Training

Services are tailored to a client’s unique requirements and will depend on the current skill level vs. desired skill level for each student and topic. Curriculums are available for most of the Spectrum Resources services, often in a skills transfer environment in conjunction with the actual implementation and delivery of the Spectrum service being provided.

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