Mobility Solutions

Spectrum Resources Mobility Solutions practice helps companies to optimize their mobile workforce by providing expertise in the field of Mobility and Wireless Data Exchange. Our Mobility Team consists of Senior Level Executives and Leading Vendors working together to offer complete “End to End” Workforce Automation Solutions. Spectrum’s Mobility Experts assess how accurately a company’s Mobility environment meets their existing and projected future needs. We use our copyrighted Methodology to create an effective marriage of business, technology, and connectivity to “Bridge the Mobility Gap.”

Spectrum’s primary focus is Work Force Automation of Sales, Service, and Delivery.  We provide Mobility Solutions using Field Execution Applications, GPS, Fleet Management, and Virtual Inventory. Location based services, also referred to a “Wireless Workforce”, enable service organizations to pinpoint the locations of their field assets to enhance asset security, improve dispatch accuracy, drive workflow compliance, and improve responsiveness to customer service requests.

Spectrum’s Solution Architecture is component based, which allows for flexibility in selecting the specific components that a company needs. Our project plans include an exit strategy to help companies become self sufficient within their own organization.

Mobility Solutions Case Study
A national installer and service provider for commercial and residential overhead doors, needed to extend the value and reach of their ERP solution into a real-time wireless mobile mode. They wanted to implement a Workforce Automation (WFA) solution in seven cities to schedule and dispatch their technicians and trucks more efficiently.

Spectrum Resources planned and led the WFA implementation utilizing our Mobility Solution Methodology. We architected a three part solution addressing Inventory Tracking, GPS, and the integration of the handheld application with their existing ERP system.

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