Permanent Placement

Spectrum Resource’s Placement practice focuses on finding qualified employees or contractors for placement with our clients. Our goal is to find individuals who are a good cultural fit and have the best potential to be long term employees for our clients. We conduct our search and interview process expeditiously and methodically so that we can ultimately present our clients with a “short list” of the most qualified candidates.

Spectrum’s Permanent Placement Team has many years of experience with placement in the Information Technology industry. We are knowledgeable about terminology related to various platforms, software, and hardware. We use this knowledge to better communicate with candidates to access if their skills and aspirations are a match for the company and the position requirements.

Permanent Placement Case Study
Prior to contacting Spectrum for help, this large manufacturer spent almost a year looking for a CIO to lead their international I.T. department. Their HR department had interviewed numerous candidates and could not find anyone to meet their strict criteria. The position required a highly experienced Information Technology professional with a strong manufacturing background and Oracle 11i experience.

Spectrum Resources quickly jumped into action. They thoroughly gathered their client’s needs and requirements. Spectrum’s vast industry experience provided them with a more insightful understanding of what type of candidate would meet and exceed the challenges of the position. Spectrum canvassed the Midwest for qualified professionals.

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